Competition Extreme Duty Carrier Bearing

Competition Extreme Duty Carrier Bearing
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  • Item #: NDT-00186
  • Manufacturer: Northern Drivetrain
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: NDT-00186
  • Condition: New

This is the baddest carrier bearing on the market!  Build for extreme horsepower applications where failure is not an option.  This carrier bearing can take ANYTHING you can throw at it.   The main shaft measures a whopping 1.79" diameter.   Designed for the guys who like to get completely ignorant and not break.  This carrier bearing is the new standard for heavy duty rock bouncing, rock crawling, and ultra 4 racing.  



Carrier bearing is mounted with poly bushings to eliminate bearing thrust and other hard mounting issues. 

Has double lip seals to keep grease in and contaminates out. 

Designed for use with 2.5" .250" wall D.O.M. tubing or any other tubing with a 2" I.D. 

Strongest carrier bearing on the market!

CAD Engineered, Desgined, and built.  No guessing.  



High performance, high strength center bearing assembly and stub shaft kit with 1.790x34 spline stub and high quality ball bearing with double lipped grease seals designed for use with 2.5" x .250 wall tubing.


End yokes and companion flanges sold separately.  Compatible with:
1410 end yoke = NDT-00192
1480 end yoke = NDT-00172
Rockwell style 1410/1480/1550 companion flange = NDT-00211
Saginaw pattern compatible with 1310/1330/1350/1410/3R CV assemblies = NDT-00212
DOM tubing = NDT-20-30-250


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