Complete package $65,900

THE "BUST YOUR KNUCKLES" Package was developed for the guy who wants to build his own buggy like a kit car.  The customer will need to supply the Engine, Transmission, transfer-case, Fluids, powdercoating and final assembly labor.  

We will provide *everything* you need to build your own buggy.  All plumbing will be supplied pre-made with the ends and diagrams as to where they go.  A wiring harness will be supplied for the chassis with pre made connectors

*there will be various hardware, electrical connectors, and supplies needed for assembly.  The vast majority of items will be supplied with the kit with only minor assembly items needed from the customer.  Some minor welding will be necessary.

Any of the upgrades on our turn-key packages are available on our "BUST YOUR KNUCKLES" package.  See the turn-key buggy option pricing for add-ons. 


DRIVETRAIN NEEDED (supplied by customer):

  • ENGINE: ANY LS BASED ENGINE WILL WORK.  You will need to swap your oil pan to the supplied HOLLEY Oil pan and use our accessory brackets.  A Truck spacing harmonic balancer will be required.  SOME truck engines with tall intakes will interfere with the engine cage and need trimming.  
  • TRANSMISSION: TH400, Car transmission pan, 1.5" tailshaft stickout. 
  • TRANSFERCASE: Atlas, DRIVER DROP,  with 1410 yokes