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DANA 60 FORGED Spindles Chevy/Dodge DANA 60 Spindle Nut Kit Dana 60 SPINDLE STUD Kit REID RACING
DANA 60 FORGED Spindles Chevy/DodgeDANA 60 Spindle Nut KitDana 60 SPINDLE STUD Kit REID RACING



Product Description Spindle stud kit for Ford Dana 60 and Dana 44 knuckles. Each kit of five high-quality American-made 7/16"-20 studs is enough for a single steering knuckle.




Re-Drill Superduty Unit Bearings
Re-Drill Superduty Unit Bearings

This price is to re-drill your existing superduty hub to 8on6.5".  You can also choose new unit bearings in the drop down menu during checkout.