RZR Parking Brake

RZR Parking Brake
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  • Item #: rzr park brake
  • Manufacturer: Busted Knuckle
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: RZR park brake
  • Condition: New

I know your making fun of my crocs... stop it.  Stay focused on these sweet parking brake devises. 


A good friend of ours came up with the idea and let us try one out.  WE LOVE IT.  It works perfectly and we use it all the time.  its simple and effective.  So effective you can set the parking brake and slide all 4 tires using a winch.  For towing they keep all 4 tires locked down so your brakes are holding the rzr instead of the transmission. 

Simply push down on the brake and use your other foot to push the lock over.  The next time you hit the brake the parking prake pops off and your ready to drive!



Rzr 800, 900, 1000, 1000 turbo, general etc.  Will not fit polaris ranger. 

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