Magnuson Supercharger Offroad Dual Belt Line Drive System

Magnuson Supercharger Offroad Dual Belt Line Drive System
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  • Manufacturer: Burkey Racing
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: BRMAGDUALBELT
  • Condition: New

Belt issues are a huge issue when running a supercharged engine.  Moving the supercharger belt to its own system reduces the ammount of stress on the belt.  This systems dedicates a single 8 groove belt to the supercharger and keeps all of the accessories on a standard 6 groove system.  The accessories are on F-body spacing and the supercharger is out in front.  CTSV ATI supercharger crank pulleys are used to allow the end user to choose between any CTSV pulley option available from ATI.    

In the offroad scene keeping the accessories as high as possible is the best way to get suspension travel.  The alternator is moved high up on the passenger side for better visability and the power steering pump is moved up to allow for suspension travel.  


Kit included:

- ATI Crank Hub

- ATI superdamper

- ATI CTSV supercharger crank pulley, 15% overdrive (equals more horse pressure) 

- EARLS re-useable 12 point high torque crank bolt

- Burkey Racing magnuson supercharger pulley spacer

- ICT billet 1/2" water pump spacers

- New LS6 water pump



- Goat Built alternator relocation kit

- Goat Built Power steering pump relocation kit


Supercharger pulleys are available in most diameters and groove counts. 

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