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How to choose offroad harnesses!


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PRP 5.3x2 harnesses Arm Restraints, Fire resistant PYROTECT STANDARD SFI 5-POINT LATCH & LINK HARNESS
PRP 5.3x2 harnessesArm Restraints, Fire resistantPYROTECT STANDARD SFI 5-POINT LATCH & LINK HARNESS

These are the most popular harnesses we sell! This 3” lap, 2″ shoulder, 5 point harness gives you the secure feeling you want, with added comfort for those long rides off-road. The 5.3×2 Harness has sewn in pads for comfort, all...

Product Description These are our Professional Series Arm Restraints and are Nomex covered HD foam with adjustable length nylon straps. Box stitched strapping may be attached to separate rings for individual use or to a common ring for...

Product Description These belts are the go-to for many offroad drivers. They are 3" wide across the waste and belly but transistion to 2" around the neck to keep the belt from rubbing your neck. They also work perect for racers who need a 2" belt...