Electric/Hydraulic Rear Steer Kit

Electric/Hydraulic Rear Steer Kit
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  • Item #: electricrearsteerkit
  • Manufacturer: Burkey Racing
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  • Condition: New



This system controls the steering of a rear axle with an electric over hydraulic unit.  It utilizes a relay system and a sensor mounted on the rear axle to determine the steering position and automatically return the steering to center. 

2 modes are availale with the system.  One is manual mode and the other is automatic center.  When the system is in manual mode the tires can be turned with the momentary toggle switch and the tires will not return back to center.  When the system is in automatic mode the tires will automatically return back to center when the momentary toggle is not depressed. 



- extremely robust.  This system is the same system used in monster trucks and mega trucks, but now available for Bouncers and Crawlers!

- no second steering pump needed.  Awesome for situations where engine compartment rooom is at a minimum

- works with the engine off.  Steer your rear steer without the engine running

- auto center.  Returns to center at the push of a button!

- water proof.  built to keep dust, dirt, and water out!

- simple. no expensive circuit boards to go bad.  This system uses normal relays to control the operation that can be easily diagnosed and cheaply replaced




- 3' push-pull cable to attach to steering

- waterproof relay box

- Sensing ram

- switch assembly

- electric over hydraulic motor. 

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