BK 14 Bolt Differential SHAVE Cover W/hardware

BK 14 Bolt Differential SHAVE Cover W/hardware
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  • Item #: BK14bShaveCover
  • Manufacturer: Burkey Racing
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: BK14bShaveCover
  • Condition: New

Busted Knuckle 14 bolt diff covers are the best of the best!

1/4" and 3/8" thick steel and can take everything you can throw at it. 

This cover allows you to shave the bottom of the housing for extra ground clearance.  A sawzall works great for cutting the lip off.  You can also run the cover on a stock 14 bolt without shaving the differential.  No ring-gear machining is required and no welding is required. 

Allows for 1-3/8" extra ground clearance

Has a fill plug in the face of the cover 

Larger oil capacity than the factory setup

We stand behind our product.  If you can break it, we will give you a new one!  

Cover comes with hardware.

*** Old housings use 3/8 course thread bolts, New Ribbed housings use M8x1.25 bolts.   Please select your differential so we know what bolts to send.***



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