Air Shocks

Radflo air shocks not only dampen, but also suspend your lightweight off-road vehicle without the need for additional springs. Perfect for getting tons of flex, remaining light weight and still having the ability to tune the suspension. 

Easily shave weight from the suspension on your lightweight vehicle application without giving up the performance and control you need to stay ahead. The versatility and simplicity of air shocks is becoming increasingly popular among rock crawlers and other lightweight vehicle applications. Similar in function to coil-over shocks, they support the vehicle weight and dampen suspension motion. Spring rate and ride height can be tuned by adjusting internal nitrogen pressure and oil volume. The ultra-compact size is extremely easy to fit, and the economical price is impossible to ignore.

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Radflo 2.0 Air Shock 1.25" shaft VARIOUS LENGTHS Radflo 2.5 Air Shock 1-5/8" shaft VARIOUS LENGTHS
Radflo 2.0 Air Shock 1.25" shaft VARIOUS LENGTHSRadflo 2.5 Air Shock 1-5/8" shaft VARIOUS LENGTHS

Versatile performance serves multiple functions and costs less Lightweight design provides significant weight savings and reduces unsprung mass Simple and reliable construction surrounded by a superior finish Velocity sensitive valving...