7075T6 Aluminum Link

7075T6 Aluminum Link
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  • Item #: 7075T6 Aluminum Link
  • Manufacturer: Burkey Racing
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 7075T6 Aluminum Link
  • Condition: New

7075T6 aluminum links are king.  They give you the highest tensile strength and elasticity of all the common link materials per weight.  The links are often refered to as "memory aluminum" because they can deform and bounce back to straight.  The tensil strength is very high compaired to their weight and they can be polished to a near-mirror finish.


** Please contact us for link pricing.  Our software will not allow us to enter in all the options needed to list links on this site. 

Pricing is as follows:

- 1.5" links $1.70 per inch

- 1.75" links $2.30 per inch

- 2.0" links $2.90 per inch 

- 2.25" links $3.60 per inch

- 2.5" links $4.60 per inch 

- Threading $15/end.  

Example: 28-7/8" 1.5" link threaded RH/LH would be  $1.70 X 28.875 + $30 = $80.53


*Links are Built to Order. Leadtime is normally less than a week*

  • 1.5"-2.5" diameter 
  • 3/4"-16, 7/8"-14, 7/8"-18, 1"-12, and 1 1/4"-12 thread available
  • All links have a wrench flat on the LH threaded side
  • 7075T6 bar
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Price $50.00
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