14 Bolt Front Axle Assembly (stock size knuckle offset)

  • Item #: 14boltAxle
  • Manufacturer: Burkey Racing
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 14boltAxle
  • Condition: New

Are you wanting a BAD TO THE BONE axle that wont break the bank?  The GM 14 bolt is the way to go.  


We have been around the block and seen the evolution of axles.  The 14 bolt axle is hands down the strongest "for the money" axle in the 1 ton arena.  Its relatively light weight and super strong for its size. 

This axle trumps the dana 60 in strength due to its larger ring and pinion gear and a 3rd bearing on the snout of the pinion that keeps gear diflection down. 

Some of the biggest players in the offroad game have chosen the 14 bolt for its simpicity in gear set-up and brute strength.  Racers and trail riders know the 14 bolt will take a straight beat down and keep going.  This axle is what we recommend for guys running up to 800hp. 

This axle can be built for front or rear applications.  We re-tube the axle with 3.5" x .500" wall D.O.M. tubing for custom pinion offsets.  The standard driver and passenger side offsets we offer are designed to work in most buggies.  If you need a specific offset for your axle we can build it to your specifications. 

**Lead times are usually 2 weeks** 

**Delivery charges will be assesed at the time of shippment.  $150-$200 is normal for a commercial delivery 

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